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Hue Traditional Cakes

Hue Traditional Cakes

Hue Traditional Cakes are made of the basic kinds of flour in Vietnam, which are rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca. The ingredients of the cake are much diversified, such as shrimps, pork, green beans. The most famous cakes can be named as “Banh loc”, “Banh nam”, “Banh beo” and “Banh uot”. These cakes are truly the delights of Hue cuisine. These special local cakes are served every day during the breakfast time at our Midtown restaurant.

Bánh lọc 3Banh loc

Bánh nậm 1Banh nam

Bánh bèo 2Banh beo

Bánh ướt 1
Banh uot

Bánh ram ít 1 resize
Banh it