MidTown Hotel Hue

Dining & Banquet

** Adora Restaurant: 1111

12th F. Adora Restaurant 02

Especially new designed, on the standard of the cozy and elegant in style restaurant in Hue, Adora restaurant is a wonderful venue for those who love the difference. This is the venue that serves the very exclusively traditional Vietnamese Lunch & Dinner or Western cuisines with outstanding service. This venue is also the site where you can admire the surprisingly beautiful Hue city at the sunrise or at the sunset.

Location: 12th Floor; capacity: 80 seats
Operation time: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

** Midtown Restaurant: 200

1st F. Mitown Restaurant 01

The Midtown Restaurant offers an extensive International buffet featuring the best of both Western and Vietnamese food. You could also enjoy specialties of three regions of Vietnam. Its VIP room is reserved for close meeting or intimate conversation.

The restaurant is also serves À La Carte, Western and Vietnamese set menu

Location: 1st floor;  capacity: 250 seats
Operation time: 06:00 am -10:00 pm

** Royal Restaurant


Decorated in the Royal style, The Royal Dining serves authentic cuisines of Hue’s royalty.

The best Hue royal court music will be performed by artists from Hue monument conservatory center. Nothing is better than enjoying delicious banquet while enjoying melodious music and having a feeling of being a King and a Queen.

Ceremony and Service:

Includes: Royal costume
Welcome ceremony
Imperial Court music

Location: 11th Floor; capacity: 30 seats
Operation time: upon request

Royal Lunch or Dinner should be booked at least 04 hours in advance
For reservations, please contact us at : (84.54) 626 0 888
Email to sales@midtownhotelhue.com