MidTown Hotel Hue

Night Life

Midtown Sky Café

Midtown Sky Café proudly boasts the best view to the city. What could be better than a cup of coffee or a glamour cocktail with the panorama view of the city nightlife? Taken from Sky Cafe  

Asta – the Club

Asta – the Club is one of the most popular nightclubs in the town, located only 400m from Midtown Hotel Hue. With the advanced lighting and sound system, friendly services, security and diversified events, the nightclub offers its guests extremely exciting and passionate nights. Asta – the club is truly[…]

Hue Night Walking Street

Hue Night Walking Street is only about 5 minutes walking from Midtown Hotel Hue. Opening from 18:00 to 23:00 every day with the perfect location right in the heart of the city, along the poetic Perfume River, the walking street offers a good variety of souvenirs, Hue specialties, and many other[…]

Hue Folk Music

Hue is known as one of cradles of the nation traditional music. Therefore, the best way to relax in Hue in the evening is to attend a Hue Folk Music performance on the boat floating along the Perfume River. It would be a great night with the mellow tune of[…]