MidTown Hotel Hue

Local Life

Coffee Shop

Hue does not only attract the visitor with the delicious specialties or beautiful scenes but also the diversity of Coffee shop. They could be small, average in a lovely corner of the streets like Truong Dinh, Pham Hong Thai or luxury at the tops of the famous hotels in the[…]


The image of Hue schoolgirls in Ao dai, riding a bicycle has come to the poetry and music, becoming a signature of the ancient city. With the fresh environment, beautiful green streets and the convenient location of the attractions, it is the best way to discover the city with a[…]

Xich Lo

Besides Bicycle, Xich lo is an environmentally friendly transportation method that exists since a long time yet still popular until now. Visiting the town by Xich lo can guide the guests to the most beautiful places as well as offer an insight into the Hue people, history and culture with[…]

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market should definitely in the must –visit list. The market is the largest in the ciy, which is 5000 sqm in size, with the history of more than 100 years. It can be considered as the most popular market with a significant variety of goods, from daily food[…]

Kite Flying

Kite flying is a signature culture of Hue, existing for a long time. It has been conserved ans devoloped years to years. Every summer afternoon, at Phu Van Lau, we can easily find the colorful kites in the blue sky. The kite flying festival in Hue attacts participations of local[…]