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Seahawks owner Paul Allen is among

Sanders backers say it is “somewhat” likely that he can get the nomination but only 17 percent of his own Pennsylvania backers describe Sanders’ chances as “very” likely. Still, a large majority is firmly decided on their vote. And half of Sanders voters in Pennsylvania say they’ll be “dissatisfied” or[…]

I saw them crawling around

The Howell Farm game, in which visitors are welcome to participate along with staff members (many of them in period clothes), has been played more or less annually since the 1980’s, the Hogs vs. The Bulls. Last weekend, a placard recalled highlights of past games: 1988 ”Woman was fined for[…]

Springsteen couldn’t rightfully

Barocas says teachers do run a greater risk of saying something that can affect their job performance. Just this week, a Bronx high school principal made tabloid news because students passed around a Facebook photo that shows her being doused in chocolate sauce by a shirtless man. O’Brien’s lawyer, Nancy[…]

walk away from a long planned

In summary both OREOs and NPLs are comprised under the term ‘non performing assets’ (NPA). To keep the balance sheet clean a bank must keep its proportion of NPA’s under a controllable level as these assets are considered to be toxic. Toxic does not necessarily mean that these assets are[…]

slanted in favor of the teacher

California’s current teacher protection system is similar to how New Jersey had run things for decades, but is even more dysfunctional. Schools must make tenure decisions on new teachers within 18 months. Any termination attempt is subject to restrictions on when the teacher can even be notified that he or[…]